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Cleaning up,

So I was running and gunning with the TwentySixteen theme for most of 2017 and I figured why not change the look a little bit in 2018. This new theme is Galaxia and it is similar in nature with slight changes. Design and visual arts are two things that don’t come all that easily to me as you can tell by my choices to use well designed landing pages and themes as I believe my time is better spent doing other things.

I have added the RSS feed link on the landing page which was accessible before but not without a little bit of monkeying around. Speaking of which I am looking to get MailChimp up and running for new posts so that users can subscribe via email to get maybe a weekly rundown on the regular + whatever else I have going on at the time. Work has had me very busy lately but the Weekly Rundown will be coming out as scheduled and I have enjoyed putting them together.

Might be adding additional pages / widgets to my WordPress site as I could use the experience setting up some additional features. Previously I was using vanilla WordPress but I have recently added JetPack as it does some really neat stuff as well. Part of what I am doing now is adding comments so that some feedback can be given and I would love to hear from you regarding the design changes! That’s all for now,

Hello World,

After fiddling around with a bunch of other platforms. I decided that 1/4 of the internet couldn’t be wrong with choosing wordpress (yes they could be). This is the platform I will be using for now. We will see how well it works for the time being.