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Flight Log 2-27-17

I went to Home Depot in pursuit of the M2.5×8 screws that were needed / missing from my last post¬†and I was able to find M3x16 screws however these didn’t work. Amazon to the rescue as they had some available and I next day’d them to my my door. This got me back in the air the following day. I noted that out of the 3 flight modes that I am currently running something seems to be off with the Expo settings. In flight mode 1 the copter is able to accept inputs and output very close to what I want it to put out. In mode 2 it has a very hard extreme once I am outside 80% stick movement and in flight mode 3 the quad won’t do anything until I am at around 80% and then the movements are very jerky. It is raining today so I most likely won’t be able to make it out but I was able to burn through 2 lipos with no critical mission failures. I bought a pack of 8 gemfans that are the same pitch / size as the stock props. I will eventually move to 3 and 4 blade setups but that may have to wait until after the ESC’s / motors get an upgrade. That’s all for now,