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Lab Architecture — Change of Plans

Last time on fun lab environment

The problem I am having is that the management group isn’t able to exit the hypervisor and I am not sure if the configuration error is in the pfsense or layer 3 side vs the virtual switch or layer 2 side.

So this turned out to be on the pfsense side. I was able to get these interfaces to work with one another but unfortunately I am not able to spam 172.16.x.x with DHCP requests due to some issues with other equipment. I have 2 options at this point in time and those would be to scrap the 172.16.1.x and 172.16.2.x networks that I have running and move them over to perhaps a network or I can insulate them with firewall rules. I have yet to choose exactly what I am going to do with this problem at hand but I am going to look to see if any documentation exists on this topic for pfsense DHCP scope. Alternatively I can just toss out DHCP completely and do everything through static networking which would be pretty easy but just a little bit of initial configuration.

Other than that I have added another ship to the yard in the form of the proxmox box that is running on Debian. I look forward to playing around a little bit in a linux based hypervisor to see if I can’t get some experience with it. I am going to try and devote more time into working in the lab at work and from home. Since I am writing it here I have to do it, right?