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06:55 PM – Just got everything rolling with the website and google photos redirect, let’s see how it goes.

07:54 PM – Car seat installed, car is full of gas, Mom is in the shower. Just waiting on you little buddy

08:45 PM – Bag has been packed probably with too much stuff. Your mom won’t stop adding things into my bag. I’m starting to think she might be under the impression that she needs to bring all of her own supplies.

09:00 PM – I think I’m gonna call it a night thanks for keeping up with us 😊👏🌙. Hospital said thanks for calling and that they would see us at 10pm. Now we have just enough time to do absolutely nothing. Aaabsolutely that’s where we are.

10:00 PM – Turns out hospitals are literal labyrinths after hours with only security staff to guide you. Security staff has never been good.

10:07 PM – In the Maternity area waiting for a nurse to come get us after having to check into a computer. The computer was worse than a self check out kiosk and let me say I would only put up with something like that for someone I love.

10:29 PM – We made it to the room around 10 minutes ago. Your mom really doesn’t care for getting an IV in her arm. Is this her version of having to deal with the bad computers? Turns out summer is baby season and everyone is excited for you to show up.

10:39 PM – They are breaking out the big guns. I don’t know what your mom hates more this specific drug or getting the IV. Shout-out to me though for really putting in the hard work on the keyboard here.

10:44 PM – Your mom’s nurse just left the room after switching targets from multiple unsuccessful attempts. Your mom’s arm looks like a battle field now but maybe Nurse Brittany is going to actually get this done.

10:57 PM – Just got done answering questions about what your name is going to be and talking about how your big brother was born.

11:05 – Still working on this IV, I’m going to jump the gun with a prediction of a time probably 4:20. It’s gonna be 4:20 for sure.

11:15 ish – Medicine running. Nurse and Mom think you’re going to show up around 8:30 and if that happens I’m going to be wrong. If you could make sure I’m right on this I would really appreciate it.

11:33 – lights turned down, waiting on some flavored ice. The nurse must have forgot to ask me if I wanted anything. Now we wait for this medicine to work.

11:40 – Looks like you are moving around and stuff.

11:50 – Mom’s mom predicts “before 6”

11:53 – Mom’s ice chips got you moving around more making it hard for the sensors to keep track of you. Strong evasion from surveillance. I’m proud.

11:59 – Last update from the 13th, today was Friday the 13th and that isn’t real or anything as far as being spooky but I thought you would be born quick. Actually you would have been born if the nurses were quicker with the IV. Looks like your birthday is going to be the 14th.


12:02 – Your brother is going on a trip so he doesn’t have to be engaged in the fun of whatever sleep schedule follows your arrival.

12:10 – I’m going to take the opportunity for a quick aside here, hydration rules.

12:14 – I got another vote for my estimated arrival time. That’s 2-2-1, this is a sports ball game that you’re gonna win for me. I’m sure of it.

12:25 – An inspection of the IV indicates that the hydration is not dripping at an acceptable rate. Some adjustments have been made but unfortunately the changes might not have done anything. Added some photos at the link available at the top.

12:46 – A couple of minor contractions but not really anything to write home about. They have a meter on one of these machines that says “TOCO” which I guess is basically a “Contract-o-meter”, that thing is ticking along. Your mom just turned on Harry Potter, it looks like it is the 2nd movie maybe the 1st one. Mom just realized that this is “Chamber of Secrets”, I wish the game was on but this will be ok for now.

1:05 – Mom turned the TV off because watching commercials isn’t something that anyone should have to suffer through. She is lying down now trying to get some rest while the medicine chugs along. The medicine dose went up slightly but we haven’t seen any of the effects of this at this point in time.

1:19 – Your Mom has to pee again, this appears to be a reoccurring symptom.

1:34 – I had to run out to the car to grab a snack, the snacks acquired from market prior to coming to the hospital turned out to actually just be 2 energy drinks and a water. Pitocin dose increased 2 units, all of the lights are down now and blankets + pillows have been delivered. I am too excited to sleep.

2:20 – Ended up wanting to lie down for a little while. Mom is feeling the contractions now and is requesting her pain medicine. The nurse is working on the paperwork for that now.

2:47 – Contractions are more intense, waiting for the Nurse to get the pain medicine / back shot.

3:04 – Epidural engaged, that sure is a large needle.

3:20 – Happy face and thumbs up from Mom after the medicine, pending a check to see dilation.

3:25 – 90% effaced 4-5cm

3:50 – Setting up this cool table with stuff on it and things, we are trying to rest while you work on planning this escape.

5:00 – Mom woke up saying she is feeling a pressure? They checked and you are ready to rock.

5:15 – Water broken and you are ready to be pushed out.

05:34 – Welcome, you made it out at 7lbs 14oz and 20 & 1/2 inches long after around 15 minutes of good pushing.

06:10 – You wanted us to turn the lights down so you could try to open your eyes and look around.

06:22 – You are latching on and eating now.

07:58 – We are now in a postpartum room and you are sound asleep after eating.


That pretty much concludes the initial coverage here at the hospital, Salem appreciates your reading and would love to hear about how excited you are to meet him or maybe just strike up a conversation?

I set him up an email that will most likely be integrated into his virtual baby book, shoot him a message if you please via email –

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